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Jackline Owino - Otula

18 May 2017

Principal of Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa

Jackline is a thought leader, a passionate educator, life coach and life-long learner. Her educational philosophy is driven by the desire to promote both student and teacher agency. 

Prior to joining Waterford Kamhlaba UWC SA, Jackline had been the Head of the IB Programmes at the Mpesa Foundation Academy, where she was instrumental in setting up 3 IB Programmes in under 2 years. She served in various roles within two IB world schools in Kenya, pioneered the formation of an association of IB Schools in East Africa, and served as a programme Leader for the IB. Jackline has been a teacher for the last 23 years, working to impact young minds to fulfil the hope for a better future for Kenya, Africa and the world. She holds a BED, an MED and an MSC; degrees in Education and Communication simultaneously. 


"The beauty of an education lies not in its systems and structures, but in its ability to stimulate shifts in mindsets…"