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About UWC Bahamas

The first Bahamian student attended the United World College of the Atlantic in 1971. Since then, over 110 outstanding Bahamian students have graduated from United World Colleges on five different continents. His Excellency LB Johnson served as Chairman of the UWC Bahamian National Committee until 2008, when the baton was passed onto Mrs. BJ Clancy-Deveaux. His Excellency Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes is patron.

The UWC Bahamian National Committee consists of UWC Alumni and volunteers dedicated to providing as many Bahamian high-school students as possible with a transformational UWC education. 

Selection is based on merit and irrespective of ability to pay. As most UWC graduates seek to apply their commitment to positive social change throughout their lives, we are proud that a UWC education can, and often does, benefit whole communities, not just the individual who received the scholarship.

UWC is about world-class education, expanding one’s horizons, and a commitment to the ideals of peace through international understanding. The Bahamian National Committee is committed to empowering as many Bahamian UWC student Ambassadors as possible. We are proud of our graduates’ achievements to date and look forward to an ever-growing number of scholarships being awarded in the years to come.


UWC Bahamas Student